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“Significant Pay Gaps” on Campaigns

Na’ilah Amaru, a political strategist who has served in both consultant and staff roles on campaigns, noted that there can be “a significant pay gap” between what consultants receive and what campaign staff get. Read the full article, Dianne Morales…

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“What do fair elections mean?”

Na’ilah Amaru, an advocacy and policy strategist who works on voting issues and served as a legislative aide to former Rep. John Lewis, said the language used about “fair elections” is loaded. “What do fair elections mean to people who…

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Defunding the Police Is About Process and Outcome

"Defunding the police is about the process of community involvement and reimagining the purpose of police, which leads to a different outcome.” "The phrase challenges American society to see fully the harm inflicted on Black and brown communities by current…

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“A generation of progress is on the line”

““I understand what’s at stake: the Supreme Court; countless Black, trans, immigrant, and Muslim lives, and a generation of progress are all on the line.” Read the full article, How Women Really Feel About Voting for Joe Biden, published May…

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