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Defunding the Police Is About Process and Outcome

"Defunding the police is about the process of community involvement and reimagining the purpose of police, which leads to a different outcome.” "The phrase challenges American society to see fully the harm inflicted on Black and brown communities by current…

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“A generation of progress is on the line”

““I understand what’s at stake: the Supreme Court; countless Black, trans, immigrant, and Muslim lives, and a generation of progress are all on the line.” Read the full article, How Women Really Feel About Voting for Joe Biden, published May…

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“Everyone travels their own journey”

Many high school seniors discover that their clear-cut goals aren't so well-defined as they change majors, discover new careers, or decide college isn't right for them. Na'ilah Amaru shares the nontraditional academic path that led to her success. "At the…

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What is the purpose of government?

The government is rooted in the power of the people. As such, the purpose of government is to reflect the public will and govern in the public interest. The question becomes, how does government as an institution determine who represents…

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