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Na’ilah Amaru is a nationally recognized Political Strategist and Democratic Consultant. According to Na’ilah . . .

  • Women belong in rooms where decisions are made but are severely underrepresented at every level of government. Women need to redefine their understanding of leadership and recognize that they have the credentials and life experiences to step into the political sphere to share their ideas and expand their influence in public policy-making spaces.
  • Politics is for everyone, because politics impacts all of us. Throughout history, women, especially women of color, have led organizing movements from the shadows. Women still lead, but too often, not in the spotlight. By stepping into a new sphere of leadership, women have the power to change how we talk about issues and the policy solutions to those issues.
  • Changing the face of political leadership matters.Women can offer a different perspective on the many issues society grapples with. This diversity in lived experiences leads to diversity in thought, which makes for more robust and productive legislative conversations.

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