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She taught me to pull yourself together, pick up the pieces, and get to work


Remember that everyone travels their own journey


I returned, deeply committed to America’s promise for everyone


Government is rooted in the power of the People


Grassroots efforts and civic engagement got us to the finish line

People want to know how policies are going to help them


Including diverse voices in the policy process is essential


Defunding the police is about reimagining the purpose of police, which leads to a different outcome


My squad would review what went right and what we could do better for the next time.


There’s a perception that veterans are beyond partisan politics…but that doesn’t apply on the campaign trail.


A generation of progress is on the line


I didn’t realize how difficult voting could be until I moved to NY


Policies and resources are needed to improve the quality of life, more so than performative government acts.


Patriotism has become a political tool, weaponizing Black and Brown bodies.


Jacobs is sending the message for other candidates to stay out.


When you go into budget season, you’re going to upset people

Bloomberg Government | Na'ilah Amaru

. . . she would not allow herself to be painted as the interim governor.

Epicenter NYC | Na'ilah Amaru

The non-profit sector has recognized the need to organize more effectively.

Bloomberg Government | Na'ilah Amaru

No one really wins in this type of situation and all New Yorkers lose.


There is no way to statewide office without New York City.


Hochul tried to balance the needs of her moderate, upstate base, while also appealing to politically powerful New York City.


She has electoral support to be there.

Bloomberg Law | Na'ilah Amaru

Democrats got a little bit too eager

Bloomberg Law | Na'ilah Amaru

. . . do you want to be politically productive with your partners in the state?

Bloomberg Law | Na'ilah Amaru

Hochul’s push may cost her politically

Bloomberg Law | Na'ilah Amaru

The vote is done

The Skimm | Na'ilah Amaru

It should take time – if you want to build change that’s sustainable.

Crain's New York Business | Na'ilah Amaru

Nearly 60% of the human services workforce qualify for government assistance.

OC Partnership | Na'ilah Amaru

Women belong in rooms where decisions are made.

Na'ilah Amaru | MPA, MPP, MS
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