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Drawing on my experience gained on Capitol Hill, City Hall, and as a state-level legislative advocate, I bring extensive experience that empowers clients to respond to and influence emerging public policy challenges and opportunities. Successful government advocacy is about understanding decision makers and the underlying political climate that affects their decisions. With competing priorities in New York you need the right relationships to get your issue heard, and access to elected officials and decision-makers is key. My network of relationships within the executive and legislative branches of government, agencies, advocacy groups, and the media opens doors.


  • Develop and implement innovative public policy strategies, and outreach plans that influence targeted decision-makers, to achieve client goals
  • Formulate, advance and defend issue positions with elected officials
  • Provide reliable and informed political insight
  • Secure meetings with elected official and prepare talking points, legislative summaries, advocacy materials, and testimony
Na'ilah Amaru | MPA, MPP, MS
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