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Issue Campaigns
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Civic Leadership Training

Are you interested in building your leadership skills to better serve your community? I design and facilitate training curricula that help participants develop the knowledge, skills, and capacity to be effective community leaders, gain the expertise to address community and societal issues, and become empowered to make the greatest impact in the communities they serve. I also consult on issue campaigns for social, racial, and economic justice, working with advocacy groups on crafting and executing political strategy.


  • Tailor workshops designed to increase civic engagement
  • Develop leadership, communication, and critical-thinking skills for individuals and teams
  • Teach how to use data and storytelling to articulate challenges and advocate for resources for communities
  • Provide strategic consultation on issue and legislative campaigns

Coalition Building

When your community issue is too complex for any one organization to tackle, assembling a coalition of groups and individuals is an effective strategy for bringing change. I build and manage coalitions and keep members engaged with goals that are important to each, but achievable only as a group. My experienced, steady guidance deftly balances diverse stakeholder interests to deliver a clear message with a unified voice.


  • Connect and manage relationships between organization leadership
  • Craft issue messages and statements with broad coalition appeal
  • Launch and manage effective ad hoc issue coalitions and alliances
  • Provide strategic political advice and analysis

Issue Campaigns

Do you need help figuring out how to frame an issue, connect your message with key stakeholders, and ignite action with grassroots education and awareness? With my approach, based on my extensive experience with successful issue campaigns, I shape public discourse to help my clients achieve success on a broad range of issues. How? I help move public opinion and make your issue matter. My knowledge of New York’s complex political and public policy landscape allows me to help you reach, influence, and mobilize targeted audiences across the region.


  • Create educational and outreach programs, activities, and events, that foster positive relations and interactions with stakeholders
  • Identify, train, activate, and mobilize at the grassroots level
  • Develop and define messaging that resonates with a broad array of targeted stakeholders and achieves campaign goals
  • Advise on earned media strategy to help clients tell their stories and move the needle